help on setting up debian (or ubuntu) on micro sd card
(09-17-2020, 12:49 PM)Paulie420 Wrote:
(08-07-2020, 10:27 AM)pine76 Wrote: Hi,

I am a new Pinebook Pro user, who is trying to find a way through setting up a productivity laptop. I tried the default Manjaro KDE Plasma but it does not meet my needs/workflow.

I bought a micro sd card, a samsung evo plus with 256gb of storage. I want to install debian (or ubuntu if debian is not possible). I was wondering if there is any available help or tutorials/videos I can use to achieve my goal?

I want to be able to boot from the micro sd card directly without having to go through the built in drive. I also want to leave Manjaro KDE as is. Would this be possible?

Any help or directions is appreciated as I have not done this before.

Hey, I am brand new too but think I can answer your question for you...

You simply locate the PBP compatible OS that you want to run. There is a list with download links here:

Download whatever you want to run - be sure to get the version for SDcards.

Then, simply use 'dd' command in linux, or Balena Etcher or your favorite software and burn the ISO to SD.

Insert the SC card in your PBP and reboot... I have had to reboot twice for SOME of the OSes (Like Ubuntu/Bionic Mate) but its pretty straightforward.

I hope this helps you; I found it extremely easy... simple get an ISO for the OS you want to run, and burn it to an SD card using Balena Etcher or similar.


     I have been quite enthused with the Pinebook Pro since I first discovered it just over a year ago.
While I have been using Linux for over two decades, I have not had any training, just trial and error.

And recently I have been completely distracted with the Pine phone consuming much of my days.

 That said, the easiest recommendation I can give would be the same as a previous poster, the
list in the wiki should just work 'out of the box'... 

  BUT,  I did recently download an arm64 release from the Debian website that did 'work',
 I only used that from an sd card,   I still have mrfixits Debian installed on my eMMC.

    I did not test it extensively, I was able to activate the wifi and do some web surfing with that.

  While I do think this forum is the BEST place to get help with our Pine products.
   I think perhaps the ratio of answers to questions was better last year.

Recently many posters ask without looking to see if the question has already been asked.

Have a good day
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