help on setting up debian (or ubuntu) on micro sd card

I am a new Pinebook Pro user, who is trying to find a way through setting up a productivity laptop. I tried the default Manjaro KDE Plasma but it does not meet my needs/workflow.

I bought a micro sd card, a samsung evo plus with 256gb of storage. I want to install debian (or ubuntu if debian is not possible). I was wondering if there is any available help or tutorials/videos I can use to achieve my goal?

I want to be able to boot from the micro sd card directly without having to go through the built in drive. I also want to leave Manjaro KDE as is. Would this be possible?

Any help or directions is appreciated as I have not done this before.

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help on setting up debian (or ubuntu) on micro sd card - by pine76 - 08-07-2020, 10:27 AM

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