Why two power ports on a budget laptop??
(08-07-2020, 05:01 AM)jiyong Wrote: First of all is the PBP accepting more power over USB-C.

No, IIRC the power tests showed it draws slightly less than through barrel.


I'm saying the barrel jacks and PSUs were already there (and will continue to be b/c of the widespread use in other, better selling Pine products,) so yes, it is as you're describing. The real loss would be in the USB-C ports, since the PBP is the first device from Pine to offer it. Moreso if including PSUs for it.

The PBP has slightly higher power demands from its PSU(s) compared to most phones, so not including on at shipping leaves people open to issues. Not including wall worts with phones is a bit easier to pull off if the phone doesn't need anymore than ~1-1.5A. Good luck using that wall wort to charge you PBP. You'd have to not use it to get a respectable charge. The barrel and USB-C are already quite easy to catch up to through normal usage, a phone charger would gain little to no progress while the PBP was under any use.

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