Battery usage in stock v1.2 UBPorts edition
Received my UBPorts edition with v1.2 hardware(?) yesterday. The 14hrs runtime that this post mentions is nowhere near what I get:

[EDIT: Added Version and "top -H" output]
Version: "About" says Ubuntu 16.04 (FACTORY).

- The battery was disconnected with the plastic sheet when phone arrived. Battery was then around 40% so I removed it and gave it a full charge. 
- All DIP switches ON
- Wifi/BT turned off in OS
- No SIM or MicroSD inserted
- Restarted phone just before test and only opened the Settings - Battery page.
- Screen off the entire time, except for a few seconds now and then to check the battery.

Lost half the charge in 4.5 hours. It actually loses charge when idle FASTER than it charges. See pic.
- Started charging around 20:00 @37%  and left it alone until 13:00 the day after
- Reached @100% around 01:45, then charging was stopped until it was automatically restarted around 06:45
- Left it with charger disconnected and screen off around 07:30
- Discharged to around @35% at 13:00.

[Image: top-H.png]

[Image: v1.2-ubuntutouch-default-battery.png]

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