SSD Adapter MIA
Back on April 24th, I ordered a PineBook Pro and the SSD adapter for it so that I could use a 1TB M.2 SSD as the main drive instead of an SD card.  On April 29th I received an email stating the adapter was being prepared for shipping.  Using the 17Track tracking number provided I kept watch for progress of the adapter.  In three weeks, there was no movement, so I contacted Pine 64 customer support and was told they would look into it.  Now another 2 weeks later, and I have not heard anything.  I hope to see my PineBook Pro sometime before Christmas.  I have no faith in 17Track whatsoever.  Anybody else having trouble with a similar lack of information?

Edit: My "lost" SSD adapter arrived in the United States on the same day I posted this according to 17Track.  I still have no faith in them, but it should be easier to track my shipment now.
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