Sound driver 32bit sample format not working, some freezes and crashes through ALSA

I got a new PinebookPro last week and did not change much except installing jackd 2.
I noticed that the sound was totally wrong, not in a distorted sense but technically wrong. After some investigation, actually some hours with ALSA devs in freenodes #alsa channel, they came to the conclusion, that there is some need for clarification and/or work to do.

Bottom line question is:  Does the PinebookPro hardware support the 32bit float sample format?
If yes there is something wrong with the driver.

What follows is a curated alsa report summary with annotations from the alsa devs.

I hope this information will be useful in creating a better software revision for units shipped in the future:

[color=#000000]`aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=hw:aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=front:es8316spksound /dev/urandom`
*sympbolic card name does not work

`aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=front:aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=front:0 /dev/urandom`
*no front pcm

`aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=front:aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=hw:0 /dev/urandom`
*system crash and reboot when accessing alsa directly with pulseaudio running

`pasuspender -- aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=front:aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=hw:0 /dev/urandom`
*conflict between sample bits and sample format
SAMPLE_BITS: [16 32]
FRAME_BITS: [32 64]

`pasuspender -- aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=front:aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S32_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=hw:0,0 /dev/urandom`
Playing raw data '/dev/urandom' : Signed 32 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Stereo
HW Params of device "hw:0,0":
SAMPLE_BITS: [16 32]
FRAME_BITS: [32 64]
RATE: [8000 96000]
PERIOD_TIME: (333 8192000]
PERIOD_SIZE: [32 65536]
PERIOD_BYTES: [256 524288]
PERIODS: [2 4096]
BUFFER_TIME: (666 16384000]
BUFFER_SIZE: [64 131072]
BUFFER_BYTES: [256 524288]
aplay: set_params:1299: Sample format non available
Available formats:
- S16_LE
- S24_LE

`pasuspender -- aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --device=front:aplay --file-type=wav --channels=2 --format=S16_LE --rate=48000 --duration=5 --verbose --dump-hw-params --mmap --device=hw:0 /dev/urandom`
(09:59:40 AM) nilshi: that crashed

*mmap makes the machine reboot sometimes and other times hang up temporarily

*summary the driver has numerous issues[/color]

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