[Article] RISC-V Ox64 BL808 SBC: NuttX Apps and Initial RAM Disk
In Asia the wise folks say: “One can hide on a certain day but cannot hide for a long time / 躲过初一,躲不过十五”

In other words: “Transformers? More than meets the eye!”

In this article, we go behind the shadow puppetry (wayang kulit) and deceptive simplicity of NuttX Applications inside Apache NuttX RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) for Pine64 Ox64 BL808 64-bit RISC-V SBC:

(1) What’s inside the simplest NuttX App
(2) How NuttX Apps make RISC-V System Calls to NuttX Kernel
(3) Virtual Memory for NuttX Apps
(4) Loading of ELF Executables by NuttX Kernel
(5) Bundling of NuttX Apps into the Initial RAM Disk
(6) How we found the right spot to park our Initial RAM Disk

Check out the article:
RISC-V Ox64 BL808 SBC: NuttX Apps and Initial RAM Disk


Great article (as always) Smile
Keep it up!
@jkm Thank you so much! :-)

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