ADB support on Pinephone

I have been trying to get adb to work on my Pinephone. The current UBPorts build ships adbd:

My understanding is, that "Developer mode" and switching to/back from it is taken care od by usb-moded:

This requires configuration, as documented in

My current problem is to find these configuration values for the PinePhone(s). Ideally for all editions.
I have tried looking through the forums, this is what I found:

This thread seems to end with "you shouldn't want adb anyway", but that doesn't really answer my problem: I do want to enable adb, and I think I should be able to.

I thought I might be able to pull this configuration from an AOSP image, since it seemed like the PinePhone Pro came with one pre-installed.
I have looked for it in this thread: but as mentioned in the last message, the links are now dead.

I have also looked for it in both

Neither page seems to have it. pine64-pinephone-plamo-beta-factorytest.img.xz is a postmarketOS image

So my questions are:
- Where can I look for these configuration values?
- Does anyone have an AOSP image for any of the PinePhones?
Replying to my own post after discussing this with the UBports PinePhone porting community:

ADB is not supported on the PinePhone itself, mostly because there is no need to support it.
It is very useful for Android-based systems, which includes the Halium-based ports, but the PinePhone are native Linux, so it's not necessary in their case.

The PinePhone port of Ubuntu Touch does use ADB, but not for the main Operating System: it is used to communicate with and update the *modem*'s firmware, not the main OS.

(The modem firmware can be found here:

ADB is not necessary to easily deploy apps to the PinePhone via clickable, as clickable can use SSH instead: clickable --ssh phone_ip_address

To deploy .deb packages, we use
But why do you absolutely want to use the Android debugger on a non-Android phone? There is nothing you can do with ADB that you cannot do with SSH or similar.
(09-26-2023, 05:56 PM)Kevin Kofler Wrote: But why do you absolutely want to use the Android debugger on a non-Android phone? There is nothing you can do with ADB that you cannot do with SSH or similar.

I don't anymore: that's why I replied to my own post.

It's just that it was unclear to me that clickable supported SSH for deployment.

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