Earth to Pine64, please respond!
Big Grin 
(11-08-2016, 02:47 PM)papsnoek Wrote: I guess The Hype Hit, Pine64 took everyone's Money and now they are just happily sending out random packages of surprises to everyone Tongue

Don't you mean "There's a little thrill with every one!" (tagline for our local lottery board) because you'll never know what you'll get? Or if you'll even get it? :-P

Nah, they just were just overwhelmed, and are now doing the final cleaning up now that the dust has settled. Plus doing the legwork needed to debug some of the issues that sprung up once the boards were released into the wild.

It will be a bit annoying for Evan Erwin (trick me with a different user name why don't you!!!)  though as they seem to have gotten it into their heads that he is in the US, not in the EU (although what difference can one letter really mean? Tongue )... Blush And yes, I'm sure there's plenty of material on this board for a good stand up comedy act, or indeed several! Wink
Santa employs elves of all nationalities.
Hi all,

Although it seems all fun, there is a serious feeling of discomfort.
I replied a week ago to Pine64 support, but so far I did not even get an acknowledgement.
I have worked with people of all colours and origins, but this is not a cultural difference, it is just plain rude and immature. Dodgy

If the people in the warehouse are just mopping up the remains of the party, bad service would be OK for a week or so, even a month.
From then on, I expect a normal customer - supplier relationship.
Kickstarter days are over, so is the honeymoon. Now, get cracking!
Just look at the other threads: it is not just the KS-backers that get random surprise packages, if any.

I shelved all my Pine64 stuff. Maybe I will use it to make an Android box for some TV in the house. That appears to be working well.
I have given up on the OpenHab / Zwave project and switched to Fibaro and Vera solutions instead. 
Less powerful hardware and much more expensive, but it gets the work done. 
You can even buy it in shops and have it actually being delivered.  Cool

By the way: I learned that "the Donald" will be the US-CIC (or POTUS) soon. 
That is what difference one character can make, pfeerick...(pun intended)   Big Grin

So, love u guys and hope it all turns out for the best. Heart
I'll let u know what miracle happens under the pine tree (that is, when it is Pine64 related Wink )

I have to just pile on to this thread. I have a Pine64 sitting on my desk, for about 6 months now, being useless since I am missing parts.

I ordered a Pine64 with ABS case, WiFi/BT module, and remote control. The Pine and WiFi/BT module have arrived, the rest has not. I was aware of the issues regarding the ABS case, so I waited for quite some time. In July I decided to send an email, to, to inquire about the status of the items. I received an email back from a gentleman by the name of Johnson Jeng: "Sorry for the mistake. We're getting our fulfillment center to dispatch a new unit for you shortly." Okay, so I waited some more.

After returning from a long trip abroad in October I decided to send another email. No reply - not even an acknowledgement. Late October - another email. November 9th - another email. Still no word. Pine is completely ignoring my inquiries, and I'm sitting here with a useless Pine64 which I cannot use for its intended purpose.

I'll emphasise; I do not mind the delays. It's a kickstarter project, they've had some issues, sure. But for fuck sake, at least have the decency to reply to inquiries from people asking where the stuff is they paid for.

P.S. Yes I have opened a support ticket; however like also mentioned in this thread, the account creation is broken. So I've created the support ticket but am now unable to access it.
Christmas is very early this year!

I told you the bad things, now I tell you the good things as well.
I received the right Zwave module this week....finally!

Support staff had not bothered to communicate, but in their belief that actions speak louder than words, they shipped the right item. Exclamation

As mentioned earlier, I'm caught up a bit now in testing other home automation products, so it will have to wait on the shelf, until I have a bit of spare time to setup a headless Openhab + Zwave environment. From the forum I read that it has some challenges.

Anyway, for all of you that followed this thread and were in the same situation, I can say there is hope on the shipment side of things.
Thanks all for reading and responding so far.

Cheers and  Heart !
I have now received an email back (through the ticketing system it seems):

Quote:Sorry about the miss out shipping to you. We wil lship out your Basic IR Remote Control and ABS Case immediately to you.

.. support team
Let's see if anything happens this time.

@Pine: You might want to simply take the email address off your website. It's clearly not being used and judging from elsewhere on the forum, causing a lot of frustration.
Aaaaand it's quiet again. I've not received a package tracking code - I've asked (through the ticketing system), and no reply. Doesn't seem like anything was sent.
if you dealt with paypal for the transaction you can file a complaint.
if you have all the proper documentation and a specific, detailed timeline of your actions you can send to paypal.
usually vendors that deal with paypal do not want complaints and will resolve issues quickly.
make sure to send the same info to both paypal and vendor.
(12-11-2016, 08:56 AM)geez Wrote: Aaaaand it's quiet again. I've not received a package tracking code - I've asked (through the ticketing system), and no reply. Doesn't seem like anything was sent.

Sorry about your frustration. I have check with support team and most ticket should already responded. Please provide ticket number and I will trace. We plan to use ticket system, this is the best method for us to keep track on history. In pass, too many ad-hoc and cause unnecessary confusion.

... TL
Hi TL; the ticket number appears to be 537:
[## 537 ##] Missing Remote Control and ABS case

@dkryder: If I can't resolve it this way, after so many tries and time, I will probably resort to that, yeah.. Thanks for the suggestion.

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