Boot into NVME drive, no wifi, sound, buttons...
I installed an NVMe drive into my Pinebook Pro. I booted into Majaro from a MicroSD card, blew away the "ROOT_MNJRO" partition from the eMMC drive, and then use the Manjaro flash utility to flash Manjaro Arm for Pinebook to the NVMe drive. On reboot, I completed the setup, rebooted, and then there's no wifi, no audio, connecting my USB ethernet dongle doesn't get recognized, even the power button doesn't work. *UPDATE* The power button does work now.** If I flash this image to the eMMC drive, everything works fine. The same image works fine from the microSD card. For some reason, only when I flash the image to NVMe do I lose all of the functionality of the Pinebook Pro, though I can open a terminal and folders. Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

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