Ready-to-use image with no graphic interface and SSH on
Hi there,

Here's the thing. I just received my Pine64 but only a few weeks after the only screen I had died (and my finances aren't in the mood for buying a new screen just now).
I just wanted to get a Pine to use it as a server and host some stuff on it anyway, so I'd like to know if there's any image available with just minimal setup, no graphic and SSH turned on so I can just boot my Pine on it and administrate it through SSH. And if there's no such image, is there some resources available somewhere on how to create one?

Thanks  Smile

Yes, there is a such thing. I have two Pine's running. The first has Mate and does the desktop while the second is a minimal build used strictly for Python coding. The best place to find the various images is at Pine64 Pro:

As an FYI, my preference is for Lenny's Debian builds. (You would want "Debian Base") Once you create the image, be sure to update uboot, update the kernel and then run resize FS.
Oh, I actually already visited this page but didn't get that SSH was turned on by default. I'll go try this out right now, thanks!
You can also use longsleep's build if you like Ubuntu :
I have been using it as server for a while now and it is great.
Thanks people, everything is working fine Smile
I installed the image, bit it won't run without some display attached to HDMI :-(
Hmm. The display connection was just a coincidence. The pine64s (or the debian?) have actually some problem activating ethernet port or detecting carrier - or maybe they just do not like my cables and/or switches?
Using the ubuntu image should be fine with no graphical interface.

on first boot just run the commands:
sudo systemctl stop
sudo systemctl disable
sudo systemctl set-default <- stops systemd from initializing the system as gui

1st one stops the GUI, 2nd one makes it stop loading at boot <- it isn't needed to turn it off - but who wants to waste cpu cycles on a gui you aren'y using.

to reverse
sudo systemctl enable && sudo systemctl reboot

^^ some distros and GUIs don't like it when you try to load the gui mid session - so this command just saves it for reboot and reboots

the image defaults to on my net - for instance trying to boot two newly imaged pine64's causes havoc on my net - so I boot one, set it to statically be on some open ip on my network - restart and add the next-- one repeat

I believe you can decompress the image - mount it on your system. go into rootfs etc > network > interfaces.d > eth0

and set it up for your subnet and specs - by default it is dhcp

Also I had a problem (though i forgot what it was) with the image that was on pine64's official download page so make sure you downoad the image linked below - the one that is hosted by longsleep

EDIT: I messed up and had to edit how systemd loads the gui
Armbian is the one you're looking for:

SSH On by default
No display required
(10-08-2016, 08:36 AM)lovenemesis Wrote: Armbian is the one you're looking for:

SSH On by default
No display required

DietPi is another good option. Both DietPi and Armbian are perfect for headless / SSH boxes, and are both well configured out of the box. DietPi is nicer if you want a GUI later, as you can easily install your preferred desktop environment from the DietPi launcher. Longsleeps Ubuntu build is the other one I'd recommend - I don't know off the top of my head if SSH is enabled out of the box but I would suspect it is.

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