No calls on Pine Phone Beta convergence edition
I have seen a similar thread below but I think this is a different problem and I would like some advice on how to further investigate this.

I can not make phone calls with this new PinePhone Beta convergence (3GB RAM). The phone establishes a 3G connection and I am able to send and receive text messages. Outgoing calls end immediately, incoming calls go to the voicemail at the network provider.

What I have tried:

1) 2 different SIM cards (both work fine on FP2 with UT and on an android phone)

2) 3 different distros, latest releases of Manjaro (Phosh), Mobian (Phosh) and PostmarketOS (Phosh) in combination wit both SIM cards. Presently Mobian with Kernel 6.1

3) I have run the Beta Edition factory test OS build from SD card and the modem Debugger shows no abnormalities (see attachment)

4) I tried to set network manually at 3G as in suggested in the previous thread.

5) Things work on my original PinePhone (UB Ports CE) .

Any suggestions how to investigate this further or what else to try ?

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Check the wiki to see if your carrier info is there. If not, you will need to contact your provider's tech support and get config info from them. Review the wiki regarding VoLTE either way

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