PostmarketOS v22.06 Plasma Mobile on PinePhone Pro & WiFi Connect to SSID
On PostmarketOS v22.06 Plasma Mobile on PinePhone Pro, and when I reboot the phone, and then log in, the PinePhone Pro does not connect to a saved WiFi SSID.

I have to manually go to WiFi settings, and press on the saved network, and PinePhone Pro then will connect.

Where can I edit to change this behavior, and have PostmarketOS device connect to the WiFi automatically?

By the way, I am very glad and thankful that there is a FUNCTIONING PHONE OS out of the box, like PostmarketOS; It was an exodus from other OS distros, and a month of troubleshooting with Manjaro, to have the PinePhone Pro functioning like a phone. Thank you!
I agree that Postmarket is a good call. It was the first plasma version that actually ran right. At present I have Arch plasma and phosh on each of my phones. They also work well although Arch plasma has some work to do. Yet not bad at all.
TESTED: Arch Plasma, Arch Phosh , Manjaro Phosh, Manjaro Plasma
Fedora, Mobian, Postmarket Plasma, Postmarket Phosh, Kali, SXMO.

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