Connecting the RaspBee ZigBee module to 5V/GND on the Euler bus causes issues

I am trying to use the RaspBee ZigBee Module with my P64-LTS and wanted to connect it to uart3 / uart4 on the Euelr bus and power it with the 5V/GND pins on the Euler header. I power my P64 LTS via the 3.5mm Barrel Power and I also connect the official 7"LCD via the DSI connector

The pinout of the module

I wired the module with cables as follows:

Module    Euler

pin  8      pin 24 (uart3 tx)
pin 10     pin 23 (uart3 rx)
pin  2      pin  8 (5V)
pin  6      pin  6 (GND)

As sonn as I plug the power the board produces a "whining noise" and is not booting. The LCD is complete white and the small green LED is flickering and not very bright. As long as I use external 5V supply for the Module and disconnect it from 5V/GND on the Euler bus the board boots normally and I can access the module via the uart.

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