It's been fun, but time to sell
I've had fun tinkering around with the Pro, but I think it's time I let someone with more experience contribute to the Pro community.  Really, the nail in the coffin is lack of reliable sleep mode.  This can't be my daily driver without it.  

1) Is $160 + shipping a fair price for a used systme?
2) What's the safest way to remove my personal data while keeping the system usable? I don't to want to mess anything up on the boot side.

I followed this thread on installing Ubuntu which has a section for replacing the uboot with a bsp uboot that has suspend working. Have you seen it? It's here

Might be worth a try before you sell it.
Announce it on IRC. Somebody was looking for used PBP yesterday.
I am also interested in the sleep mode. In my case, I want to stay in Arch because it has such a great package manager.
I saw a post in a thread that online 2 or 3 lives of code to get it working for me. Lemme see if I can find it again.

Here's what I did to get it working.
you just need:
a bsp based uboot
5.6+ manjaro kernel patches
mem sleep

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