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Useful threads - Ghost - 04-17-2016

Please use this thread to post links to any other threads you think could be useful to other users. The idea is to create a kind of meta-thread that people looking for answers can be referred to. For example:

How to get started?

The 6 most common reasons why Pine64 won't boot

How to handle a Pine64 correctly

What happens if you under-power voltage?

DOA - How to be certain?

On counterfeit SD cards

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Can't get past boot screen (RESOLVED)

Unable to format sdcard

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Power supply questions

Power Pine64 via GPIO

Recommended micro sd card?

Switch found in the box

Using external hard drives with Pine

Pine64 benchmarks

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TV Screen Edge woes: 2 Fixes 


Pine64 Board Appeared Dead [SOLVED]

Color is messed up (SOLVED)

SD card too small Error

Pine64 2Gb not booting (SOLVED)