Google Chromecast and PinePhone?
There are many options to download a Chromiom browser in this thread:

Is there a downloadable version of the Chromium which can be recommended for my PinePhone PostmarkedOS?
Before a Linux enthousiasts check over all the available HDMI adapters which might work with the PinePhone, we suggest to test the Google Chromecast, which seems to have the capability to to cast your GNOME Shell Desktop to a Chromecast (With Audio, Wayland / X11 Support) using cast to TV:

If you can live with it that big brother Google is watching what you are watching on your HDMI screen, we would try this solution. But since we are new to Linux, we are offering only to test your Chromecast solution. Whe tested the Google Chromecast 3 on an Android device, and can confirm that whe had very robust and reliable desktop mirroring solution with this WIFI device.

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