Pinephone time goes too slow (not a 2115 year problem)
Please help me to figure out what is going on with the system time of my Pinephone. I noticed that both system and hardware clocks run too slow for some unknown reason. For example, I could see that NTPD adjusts the clock every several hours.

I wrote a script collecting 3 kind of times: the network time (from, the system time and the rtc (hwclock) time. Then I did:

1) Stop ntpd
2) Run this script  for about a day on my desktop PC and on a Pinephone (Pinephone was in a suspend most of the time)
3) Collect the data and plot the results this renderer

The results are:
[Image: clockskew.png?raw=true]
Vertical axis is the time difference, in seconds
Horizontal axis is the running time of my script, in minutes
The blue and orange lines show the difference between remote ( and local clocks: system and hwclock.

As we may see, the clock skew tend to increase quickly on a pinephone.

The question is - why, and how to fix.

Note, that it is unlikely a known "year 2115" problem, because I can see both errata and the correction patch applied to the kernel.
Note2, I did stop NTPD, so I can't explain right now why the pinephone time difference became zero at 450th minute of the measurement. Maybe there is other agent which does the correction, besides ntpd.

I use Megi's kernel 5.13.7, Crust fw is 0.4, the os is MobileNixos.

I believe it is a hardware/firmware problem. Let me know if there is a better place to post it.
The story continues here:

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