Video playback hiccups with Fedora 35 on RockPro64
(01-30-2022, 08:05 AM)whitecat23 Wrote: Lately I've been downloading videos to test playback on Fedora 35. These videos all range in quality from standard definition, to high definition to 4k. In all cases, playback in VLC exhibits hiccups (i.e. stuttering) at various points, enough to distract from those long, evolving cinematic sequences which had become a hallmark of Kubrick.
I have little to no experience in the world of video and find myself unable to correct the problem, even after downloading a bunch of gstreamer codecs and whatnot. For comparison, these same videos play flawlessly using VLC on an AMD-based Windows computer circa 2012. Now, I realize there are Linux distributions specifically tailored to maximizing video quality, but they are specialist in nature (i.e. LibreElec), and not tailored to general personal computing. As a result, I'm looking for advice on tweaking Fedora for best quality video on the RockPro64.

Funny you should mention LibreElec. I installed it a few months back and video playback is rock solid in all resolutions. In fairness it is optimised to do the job. I don't rate SBC's for general all round computing using a typical desk top UI like Fedora, Ubuntu etc when streaming video. Again you'll have to dig a little deeper here and other sources to find answers to your problem. In the meantime just pop LibreElec onto an SD card fire the board up and it boots in 15 seconds. for an excellent video experience.

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