Arch auto mount usb example
After 2 days of head banging and following the wrong answers on google, I finally got my usb to auto mount as user on the Arch Phosh install.

There is no guaranties this will work as everything in linux is dynamic and what worked one day doesn't the next. 

Here is what I did I create 3 file  


Quote:ACTION=="add",KERNEL=="sd[a-z][0-9]*",SUBSYSTEMS=="usb",RUN+="/bin/systemctl start usb-mount@%k.service"

ACTION=="remove",KERNEL=="sd[a-z][0-9]*",SUBSYSTEMS=="usb",RUN+="/bin/systemctl stop usb-mount@%k.service"

Description=Mount USB Drive on %i
ExecStart=/home/alarm/bin/ add %i
ExecStop=/home/alarm/bin/ remove %i



case "${ACTION}" in
        /usr/bin/udisksctl mount -b ${DEVICE}
        /usr/bin/udisksctl unmount -b ${DEVICE}

Don't forget to chmod -x it can be called anything and put anywhere, obvious use your path in the usb-mount@.service file.

I found rebooting the phone more reliable than 

Quote:udevadm control --reload-rules

systemctl daemon-reload

EDIT: Check the Second Post, I forgot the polkit edit. If it works without it great, but I am sure it was critical... (end EDIT)

After just plug in a usb and it should auto mount. 

I did manage to get a sound to play, but that was a whole other story and twice as painful as getting the usb working.

Hope it's useful to someone Big Grin
Don't miss the Doughnut by looking through the hole.
Best laid plans!. I missed an edit.


in the first section <action id="org.freedesktop.udisks2.filesystem-mount">


change to 


I did so many tests I forgot about this. If it works without it please tell me. I'm sure it was critical but I'm human and obviously make mistakes
Don't miss the Doughnut by looking through the hole.

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