Curious About Arch
Hey all, 

Lately I've been curious abour Arch on the pinephone, and have some questions about it!

1) how stable is it? Is it could for daily drivin? 
2) What are some of the current issues that users are facin with it?
3) What apps can you install on it? Can you use Chatty?
4) Can you use Lomiri with it? I've always liked that de, but don't really like ubuntu touch itself
5) Is Arch easy to install?


Edit: Typo
Hi! I haven't used Arch for a while, but i can respond to some of the questions

1) Fairly stable, but sometimes things will break. Phosh image is most stable

2) It's more on the edge compared to mobian so you'll most likely get updates earlier. that's good and bad. Danct12 is the sole maintainer so the project is dependent on his continued interest in the project.

3) Yes, if you install the phosh version chatty is installed by default

4) short answer: no. You can probably get a buggy mess to work, but it's not usable. Lomiri developers wants to support other distroes in the far future.

5) yes, you can find images here:

Run sudo pacman -Syu in the terminal on the first run so it gets properly upgraded before you start using it. (password 123456)

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