Pinephone USB-C Docking Bar (Amazing !!)
An update to me earlier post.

Occasionally I like to give the HDMI docking a try to see if anything has changed. Today it paid off, everything is working. I have to assume that my issues mentioned earlier were software issues. I'm now using debian bookworm, which is guaranteed to change many things.

I just plugged my pinephone into my Samsung tv today and it worked. I found that the 'single display' setting with the tv as the 'primary display' to be the best settings. I did find that the pinephone was not able to handle youtube video playback on a 1980x1080 screen very well. Still, it's quite amazing to have my phone apps available on a large screen.

My usb mouse worked well from the docking bar, and the onscreen keyboard (enabled under Accessibility) worked fine.

A big thank you goes out to all the devs that were able to make this work so well.
(02-16-2021, 05:56 AM)AndrewBlackmiller Wrote: I've ordered my "PinePhone KDE edition" together with the USB-C docking bar option and it simply doesn't work!
The funny thing is that it works fine plugged it into my Desktop PC.

So I ordered another docking bar (Anker PowerExpand 6-in-1) at Amazon and this one works fine now.
I use it with mouse + keyboard connected by USB and the monitor connected by HDMI.
In addition there is a PowerUSB-Plug to load the phone in parallell ( <- not perfect but usable).

Maybe this will help one or the other "PinePhone-warrior" Wink having the same problem Wink

Thanks, AndrewBlackmiller

Andrew: «Maybe this will help one or the other "PinePhone-warrior" having the same problem»

Andrew confirmed that the:

(Anker PowerExpand 6-in-1)

works with PinePhone KDE edition.

We can confirm that Gembird USB Typ-C

does not work with PostmarketOS. And we can confirm that the Aliexpress multi adapter does not work either with PostmarketOS:

There where other reports that a similar device with multi function does not work either.

The PINEPHONE USB-C Docking Bar «works with postmarketOS Community Edition and newer out-of-the-box»:

The  PINEPHONE USB-C Docking Bar has a PINE 64 logo on it.

Is it a Pine64 open source developement?

We saw a very similar model from a swedish shop with no Pine64 logo on it, but only in the swedish shop and nowhere else.

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