August/ September Pinebook Pro, PineTab and PinePhone shipping thread
Hi, I ordered the PostmarketOS CE with convergence on July 17th, and I have yet to receive a confirmation email aside from the one that paypal sends. Can Someone confirm that my order went through?  I saw that there was an issue on the 15th and I'm just curious if my order is still in the system, given that I didn't order on the day of the outage. Thanks!
(08-25-2020, 10:05 AM)Potts Wrote: Morning,

Long time lurker, first-time poster- I think this is the right place to ask this question:

Should I have received a tracking number with my DHL shipping?

I seldom order things online and even less frequently pay for faster shipping. If anybody knows I'd love to hear from you!
I chose DHL at checkout for Pinephone convergence/pmOS and haven't received a tracking number yet -- patiently waiting, but would like to know too
As it is 5pm August 25th in Arizona,   That means it is 8am August 26th in Hong Kong...

When the original Pinebook Pro was at this point,   > a whole day after shipping has started,<

There were lots of Excited forum members posting they had received their DHL text, 

    stating their   "PBP was on its way"

*    Typically,    DHL  in the past has notified customers when   "they receive your package"
To everyone here asking for DHL tracking numbers... while shipping has *started* today, that doesn't necessarily mean they were all sent today. Remember, there are a lot of orders. I've ordered a few times from pine64 now. It takes a few days after shipping date to get the tracking number. DHL will notify you of your shipping number.

As for non-DHL, I don't know but I imagine it's going to require even more patience. DHL is a very good international shipping provider so the other one will probably have increased delay by comparison.

Relax and be patient.
Looking forward to this. Glad i used DHL when checked out. Made the mistake of standard shipping on two PineTime kits that are still stuck in Shenzhen. Usually my orders via DHL HK to AU is about 8-10 days unless held up in customs.
Quote:The reason why you didn't receive a confirmation email is because on the 15th we suffered a major server meltdown due exceptionally high traffic (at the height of the launch hype there were 6k-9k pings per second to the server). Various services on the server failed because of this and one of them was the order confirmation system. 

The order has been logged and processed however. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Yep, that's exactly what happened to me too, I only got a PayPal receipt with no order confirmation from PINE64 and started questioning if something went wrong but looks like someone already asked the same question already Smile but I ordered mine on July 16 (Australian time) and a day later (or something like that) the site went down and I was wondering the same thing about whether the order was ever processed which is the reason I am posting this. Thank you for responding, it is what I was going to ask too Smile I am looking forward to the PinePhone.
Another one who ordered a while back, got a PayPal confirmation but not much else. Cause for concern?
(08-26-2020, 03:51 AM)Twig Wrote: Another one who ordered a while back, got a PayPal confirmation but not much else. Cause for concern?

If you got a PayPal confirmation you should be good to go.

I placed 2 orders on July 15,   one order for parts,
            and one order for the PMOS Community Edition Convergence Package Pine phone.

My parts did arrive weeks ago.

However, the phone order did not show up on my PayPal statement.
I should have checked there sooner.
Just wanted to notify people that the DHL email with tracking numbers are coming. I received mine late last night ET. I should get it my next Monday. 2020-08-31. Excited to receive it!
Thanks to @tllim for sharing more about the shipping process in the rock64 channel!

For people that have ordered the PinePhone with the European shipment, the service which will be used between the warehouse in Poland and the final address will be DHL.

Lots of additional information about the process:

Quote:Pine Store using bulk shipment method and can only ship batch by batch on the battery operated devices such as Pinephone, Pinebook Pro, and PineTab, except Pinetime. This limitation due to such battery operated device needs to ship from Hong Kong, needs pass custom declaration and currently also limited by close border between Hong Kong and China due to pandemic. For non battery operated order such as SBC, shipping team able to process twice a week and ship out from Shenzhen, China. For PineTime, due to small battery, EMS currently allow us to ship out from China but express ervice such as TNT and DHL, no accept such shipment in China.

[7:05 PM]
The Hong Kong and China close border severely limit shipping staff to Hong Kong and hence the battery operated order can only handle in batch way [Image: 08b9e24092ee146b9e071e89049c1055.svg]

[7:08 PM]
originally we think the close border can be lifted on July but based on current pandemic situation, the border still close at least till next year.

It's very detailed and well laid out :)

If I understand correctly, I won't receive notice for at least a few days from DHL as the PinePhones would have to go through Hong Kong in batches first (batteries/ customs/ limited border flow), then reach the warehouse in EU and then it would be processed for the final destination with tracking number.

It will take awhile before I get something in my email and this perfectly fine. My Convergence package is on it's way ;)

Thanks again to Pine64 staff and everyone involved for making such great devices and being so open towards the community!

PS: Apologies if I misunderstood something. The process is complex and could be changed along the way for all I know.

Device: Pinebook Pro 128GB No:246 / MainOS: Manjaro ARM
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