using Cellphone/mobile phone display screen
(08-03-2016, 09:26 AM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote:
(08-02-2016, 10:50 PM)desai_amogh Wrote:  I have a spare 4.3 inch mobile phone (moto e) display. Can it be connected to the pine64 ? 

This depends on what you mean, connected.  

... the video on this board (hardware and software) is unfortunately entirely proprietary; which is sad but the case for the moment. You might be able to hack a connection but you are going to have to do some serious reverse engineering and guess-work to make it work... I'm assuming you mean the DSI connector ?

or, did you mean the gpio pins ?  If you have the specs of the 4.3 inch display, and are willing to bit bang the connection to the gpio, the display might be usable like any other lcd attachment matrix.  Although, it would probably be better to purchase an LCD display for that purpose.

There is only one LCD display that works with the Android image, and specifically only ONE of those images works with the LCD display.  (you may download it on-line)

With a cable extender and the right hacking, you might be able to attach an external hdmi LCD (non touch) to the DSI connector,  but there is no one doing that now, and there are no instructions.  There are also 6 pin touch cable extenders available... so who knows.  Everything is still too new to have much experience with this activity.

Oh looks like nobody has done this before.. 

this is the kind of diplay im talking about:
[Image: sku_370803_1.jpg]

[Image: sku_370803_3.jpg]

I initially though the DSI connector could just use this Android touch display directly , but its a different tech altogether looks like.  Pine64 has one dsi port + a touch pad port.  But if you see the pic above.  the final larger port at the bottom contains both display/touchpad signals.  the touchpad connects lil above near the chip to merge into the final large connector.

I guess as you say some hacking and an extension cable can get it working. but im not much into this kind of hacking.

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