I/O errors from SD card slot? (Manjaro, kernel 5.7)
(07-16-2020, 08:18 AM)tophneal Wrote: have you tried running 'badblocks -n -v /dev/mmcblkX'?

I had a similar issue with a uSD that was less than a month old. No matter what I did, when I put an OS to it, I'd get one boot before it wouldn't boot again. Ran the above command on it, and it turned out to be the uSD. Was able to easily get it RMA'ed with the output from badblocks.

Hi tophneal.

What exactly does it mean to 'rma' the sd card with the badblocks output?

I have a similar problem, I can write (mostly) images to the sd cards but after one boot with updates the trouble starts, usually a read only file system.
I am using 5-6 different sd-cards though, some of them only a few weeks old.
Is there another way to test if the sd-card reader is maybe broken? Is that even a thing ?
Currently I am not able to boot anything reliable from sd card.

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