how to run netflix on a pine64?
my main reason to buy a pine64 was to run netflix (and some other streaming services which have android clients) using a cable based ethernet connection.

according to the pine64 faq, netflix works fine on the pine64.

so now i got my pine64 (2GB version), and i'm not even able to use the wired ethernet (lan connection not seen). also wifi does not work (using an usb dongle).
i.e. i'm not even able to connect to google play when running android.

so i really wonder what i have to do to get netflix working on this device!?!?!?

any suggestion?
You need to download a an Android image and burn it to SD Card.

There are 2 types of Images

1) rawdisk (DD) that requires win32 disk imager (for windows machines) or straight up dd command from terminal on mac or linux

2) The other is an image that can be imaged on to the card from windows using the PhoenixCard utility.

Once done with the imaging the card simply pop it in boot
wait a bit and when Android is up and running simply use Google Play Store and install the Netflix app

If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin
I have installed Android image, got it to boot and downloaded the Netflix app and logged in, but when i try to play content i am told i have to update Google Services? i clicked the update button but i was not able to update it, just said open?
Grab hammer


(06-02-2016, 11:02 AM)nagmier Wrote: Grab hammer



Mine came in this past Thursday.  I have a recommended sd card and used a DD image of android.  When I first loaded I had a few quirks but these were mainly updates to the OS that were running.  Once Google play updated I was able to download a number of apps including Netflix.  I have been using Netflix just fine.  Wired and wireless speed test is good and reliable.

Couple notes that are very critical and all over forums:
Make sure you have a decent power source and sd card.  Also if it's in a case / minimal airflow / wrapped in a may be throttling to keep temp down.  In a room with ambient temp ~75-78 my pine was hitting just over 150f while streaming.

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