power button - tactile button make and model number
(05-08-2016, 11:58 PM)SkimMilk Wrote: As the thread above, I bought from elements14:

This is Panasonic on the left, Pine on the right (un soldered):
[Image: image.jpg]

And this is how it looks after soldering:
[Image: image.jpg]

Big Grin

Hi SkimMilk,

That looks awesome, I have to go to Pasar road (Kuala Lumpur) and probably buy mine there.

That being said I'm thinking of a few other components as well.

Lets, see Heatsink, proper touch screen LCD\LED. I hope LED is workable with Pine64 otherwise LCD is fine 

TFT touchscreens like this Kentec Electronics maybe? What size Heatsink?

I hope a expert can look this over for me.

Cheers,  Smile

(07-13-2016, 06:15 PM)cpeterlotz Wrote: I bought fifty switches for $.99 here - 50pcs HQ 6*6*5mm Right-Angle Tactile PushButton Switch SPST - Pack of 50

Even with the $2.60 shipping, that works out to $.0736 each.

There are different 6*6*x switches of this form factor available, with the length of the actuator varying.

You'll have spares into the next millenium.. Smile

Seriously, that's probably the best price I've seen yet. I bought a bunch of 6x6x4s on ebay, nowhere near as good a price, as I held the search to 6x6x4.
I took a caliper to my board, and for my 6*6*5 buttons, the face of the button is about 1.75 mm below the face of the USB ports, and there is about .25mm travel in the button. So if you are planning on a full case and want access to one or both of the buttons, it looks like 6.75 mm is flush with the USB. So if the case is flush with the face of the USB, then a 6*6*7 would be barely above the surface, and would be flush when pressed. Obviously you could go longer to make it project further, or shorter to have it recessed.

I bought from a local vendor because I wanted them fairly quickly- they actually arrived in two days given that both the seller and I are in California. I did find a listing for 300 6*6*7 for $13.99 with free epacket shipping from China- that's $.0466 each. I always like to buy items in some quantity, especially commodity items, since the price difference between bulk and retail is huge and it's handy to have spare kit around.

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