Modem showing up at /dev/ttyS2 instead of /dev/ttyUSB1 and factorytest times out
So testing on multiple images (pmOS & debian) there is a new behavior showing up for me on my Pinephone where instead of the normal /dev/ttyUSB{1,2,3} showing up; instead now /dev/ttyS{0,2,3} shows up.

I can still see the modem is functional as I can `screen /dev/ttyS2 115200` and play around with `AT` commands; however modemmanager completely ignores /dev/ttyS* devices (there maybe a fix for mm by forcing it to use ttyS* and pointing it to the quectel plugin - but this shouldn't be needed...).

As well, booting up the factorytest image that the device shipped with and trying the modem test - it just shows "Waiting for modem" for a few minutes and then "Boot timeout".

The strange thing is this just started happening all of the sudden and things used to work fine and show up as ttyUSB* - only thing I can think of is maybe force shutting down messed something up (have a habit of just pulling battery out of phone to restart).

Anyone have an idea of how to debug/fix this?

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