Earlyoom: kill process before freezing
After installing zram, my PBP still froze due to lack of memory, which required reboot.

So I installed Earlyoom, which kills the process it estimates abuse when memory is full.

Installation is very easy: just follow the download and compilation instructions.

You must install the git package to download and the base-devel meta-package to compile.

You can install go and cppcheck if you want to run the built-in self-tests. I don't know if it's usefull.

Earlyoom tries to guess what is the "right" process to kill. For me, this is always the youtube.com tab process of Chromium, which is a good decision because this page can use more than 1go (!) of memory. At the same time, it is not an important tab.

I also tested several memory limits before letting earlyoom go into action.

By default, earlyoom kills a process if available memory or free swap is less than 10%. I lowered this value to 2% for both without preventing earlyoom from working properly. For values less than 1%, the computer freezes before the intervention of earlyoom.

1% may be too low ( <=> 40 Mo for memory, 5 Mo for swap), but for now, earlyoom kill nasty process without problem with this value. If the computer freezes again, I will increase this value.
Pinebook Pro, standard config (Manjaro)

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