Dolphin-emu anyone?
Hey guys, anyone tried using the Dolphin Wii/Gamecube emulator?

I have tried it on Android, Manjaro and Kali so far on the pinebook pro.  Android was not worth the time to use at all, too slow on this build.  I remember Manjaro also being slow too.  I tested it out with kali today and i was getting at least up to 30 fps (mario kart double dash), but it would drop to 7fps a lot of times.

i tried WADs (Final Fantasy 2 & 3) --> didn't work, very slow
Mario Kart Wii, was very slow
Mario Kart double dash, was playable
Star Wars force unleashed 1 & 2, also sluggish

This is an ok start, I would like to see this emulator get some more love on SBCs and Arm64 based hardware.
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