Panfrost and CrOS
Was just catching up on threads from over the weekend, when I came across this post, specifically:

Quote:Binaries called "chrome" or "chromium" are explicitly blacklisted by the panfrost driver.

Even though it's been established that waiting for 5.7 will be best for mainlining efforts, I recalled you mentioned having issues with getting Panfrost to play nicely, @brent.thierens. Figured I'd share this, as it may have be contributing to that issue. Hopefully this will be helpful for whenever someone updates CrOS next.
Thanks! So we need Firefox on CrOS? Big Grin
(04-20-2020, 12:10 PM)brent.thierens Wrote: Thanks! So we need Firefox on CrOS? Big Grin

I guess so! I guess we could try to rebrand it as a Caidao OS too lol

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