DIY multiboot?
OK, apt search finds it when I search for kexec-tools. But it's not installed yet so there's no manpage. Typing kexec gets me a "command not found". I'm surprised Synaptic didn't find it, I thought it matched partial strings. OK, it doesn't find kexec-tools either, strange. This is with the Stretch that came on the eMMC. No big deal.
Have anyone made some progress?

@tsys, can you please help with the linux2boot configuration?

I downloaded it from your github and tried to create the first config with my Ubuntu.

Placed my .config file to /boot/linux2boot, to root folder and also to /boot and run ./linux2boot (with or without root) and it found no entry.

What did I do wrong?

my config:

cmdline='root=/dev/nvme0n1p1 rw rootwait'

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