Download IDB fail when trying to flash Android image
Hi there!

I had Android 7.1 by ayufan on my rock64 and it worked fine until some time ago.

Some day it just stopped booting and when I tried to reflash it I keep getting "Download IDB fail" error in android tools.

I tried to boot from SD and write image to emmc using dd. DD is successfull, but the board doesnt boot using emmc anyway.

Serial console is not available because pl2303 com port can't be open when it is connected to the board. Maybe I didn't connect it properly? Pins 6,8 and 10 right?

Also, I can boot any image from sd card, but not from emmc.

What else I can do to boot it from emmc?

P.S.: Also, I can't put the board into loader mode using recovery button. It is stuck in Maskrom mode.

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