can I get the hardware addresses of Pine Phones devices?
can I get the hardware addresses of Pine Phones devices?
I have tried sudo cat /proc/ioports
and some other commands that might work on more standard Ubuntu distros. this isnt a distro specific question, I just want the hardware addresses for the devices such as the motor, rgb LED, gps, acellerometer etc.
Some of them are on the postmarketOS wiki.
Are they software addresses  Rolleyes there is a link to the postmarket wiki from the PinePhone software wiki page!
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/proc/ioports is empty on the Raspberry Pi too (at least in Raspbian) - I don't know if this is a kernel config thing, and ARM-specific behaviour or what.

When I was poking around /sys and /proc yesterday in pine-pinephone-20200210-phosh.img.xz I found some of the info in the pmOS wiki wasn't quite right, notably the iio devices were numbered differently. I don't know if that's a kernel change, a detection order thing or what. I also couldn't find the flash LED anywhere.

GPS is on the modem, accessed via ttyUSB serial devices. It's controlled by AT commands through /dev/ttyUSB2 (and possibly 3?) while /dev/ttyUSB1 is read-only, sending the NMEA content you've configured via the AT commands. Search for "EC25&EC21 GNSS AT Commands Manual" for the full command set.

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