Making Calls
(07-15-2020, 05:40 AM)PureTryOut Wrote: Just a note, with the latest stable branch I was able to answer an call with a 4G signal and have audio working in both directions, both speakers and mic, automatically.
Thanks for the note, PureTryOut!  I just so happened to be having some Mobian booting problem, so I gave the latest PostmarketOS image a try.  It looked quite impressive, but alas, cannot speak nor hear on the calls.  (I could dial the number and the person I dialed hears it ring, but I don't hear that it's ringing on my end).  Where are you located and would this have to do with my location and mobile provider? I am in the US, with T-Mobile.
Location and provider don't matter. Can you verify the package "wys-pinephone" is installed? Also, are you on a stable or edge image? Make sure you're fully updated as well, "apk update && apk upgrade -a" (or update via GNOME Software)

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