Did you pay import tax?
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Did you have to pay import tax and how much was it?
Sweden: unknown amount yet. Due to the shipment being marked "Gift" and with a value of $25 the shipment was marked for additional controls.
It has been at customs for 2 weeks now, hopefully it won't take many more weeks since I have already supplied additional documentation.

This might mean that I pay additional fees for mislabeled shipments but I don't know yet.
I received my pinephone on 4th of February (Finland). Shipping with Asendia went smooth and the Finnish post took over tracking immediately after the the package arrived at the customs. I had to pay 24% VAT (35€).
No Taxes or import fees in Arizona, USA

I am Curious about California, USA  ?

Anyone here from California  ?
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About 35€ in Finland. A 24% VAT applies to any imports from outside EU worth over 22€ (and some additional import fees for imports worth over 150€ I think but I'm not that familiar with any of this to be honest).
Interested to hear about this from the UK! I was stung quite a bit when I ordered a Pinebook before Sad
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134kr (~$13) tax Sweden, arrived Jan 31. Marked as gift and with a value of $25.
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(02-11-2020, 04:38 AM)soupbowl Wrote: Interested to hear about this from the UK! I was stung quite a bit when I ordered a Pinebook before Sad

Looks like we'll get a text from Royal Mail wanting £11.81 before they'll deliver.

Ireland:  I paid €44.23, representing VAT @ 23% plus €10 postal handling fee.  (Ireland imposes a customs duty on items with an intrinsic value of over €150, which did not apply here.)

In terms of process, I got a letter notifying me that my item was being held by customs.  They asked me to email them the value of the item (including postage and packaging) and accompanying proof.  I emailed them the email receipt I got from the Pine Store and a print-out of my PayPal account showing the payment in €.  They responded to advise me of the required payment.

You need to pay the import charge in cash to the postal worker who delivers the package before he will hand it over (I asked if there was any way to pre-pay online or using a card, but apparently there is not).  If you don't have the money when the postal worker arrives, the package will go back to a local delivery centre and you will have to visit there to pay the charge and pick up the package.
New York, USA: No taxes or fees were requested, picked up at local USPS after a failed delivery attempt (signature required).

A little bit of searching got me to the "Harmonized Tariff Schedule", within which I found 8517.12.00, "Telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks". Except for 35% tariff Cuba or North Korea, it looks like there's no import tariff. 

In theory, I've heard that US residents are supposed to file their own sales tax (if their state has any: NH has no sales tax) when making purchases from out of state, but I've no idea how/where/when to do so... still looking for this info. (New York is 4%) 
UK, 20% VAT on the declared value (USD25) = £3.81, plus £8.00 Royal Mail Handling fee = £11.81 total.

I really think the Asendia experiment was an awful experience and, at least for the UK, would prefer China post or DHL (or ANYONE else) in future. It was expensive, it was slow, and 3 weeks with no tracking updates is ridiculous.

I did contact Asendia directly - the first time they said it was not in their system. When I sent a screenshot showing it was, they blamed Royal Mail. This was during the 3 week blackout period - they were the last people to touch it but they clearly have a Teflon (nothing sticks here) attitude to business. If there is anything more I can do or say to help prevent anyone else having such a rubbish experience I am happy to help!
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