Did you pay import tax?
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Did you have to pay import tax and how much was it?
Thank you all for getting a PinePhone BH. With the release of this early adopters version of the PinePhone we've also taken the opportunity to try out a new shipping method. There are a a number of upsides and drawbacks to this shipping method - which I've listed in the January community update - but shipping cost is probably the most notable positive.

So, then, I (and likely other end-users) would like to find out how many of you were asked to pay import tax on your PinePhone? In the comments feel free to include other relevant info such as country, amount paid, etc.
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€12.50 Italy
This thread is probably not a good idea. Even if you got your phone without paying taxes yet, you'd still have to pay them, especially if somebody finds out later.
I would answer if I would have received the phone. Not even an update since the 20th of January. I would have happily paid higher P&Ps having instead a reliable shipping service. If you want to continue using Asendia at least give us the option to chose another courier.
In france 0 tax
29.69€ Estonia.

1. import tax (needs to be paid for anything over 150€[incl. shipping])
2. VAT (needs to be paid if item value over 22€ or gift value over 45€)
€27 in Denmark

(€5.6 of this is tax, the €21,4 is a handle fee   Undecided )

I expect to receive the phone tomorrow.
Mine as been stuck in customs for about a week (they asked for documentation today), and what I will pay will probably be around 34€ of VAT plus 14€ of handling fees for grand total of around 48€. That's what you get for living in Portugal, high taxes and slow services (it will probably take another week or two unlit I get it).

Fun fact, the guys in customs labeled the pinephone as "PHINEPHONE" and in that I agree with them, it is in fact a fine phone Tongue
USA. 0 Tax.
USA: it will be ZERO tax
Mexico: 16% on the declared value over $50 USD.

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