Article: My First Week As Embedded FOSS Advocate
Teaching Embedded IoT with FOSS has interesting challenges... Here's what happened the first week I taught PineTime Smart Watch...

My First Week As Embedded FOSS Advocate
Any thoughts on Tock? I happened upon it through Google's OpenCV using it on the nRF52840 dongle, but at first glance it looks viable for PineTime. 

On Microsoft, it's not so much that they're giving bad vibes at the moment, but that they built such a massive wall of distrust with their long history of anti-FOSS and anticompetitive behaviour, much of which wasn't immediately apparent. That wall will take a long time to dismantle, and any false move will reinforce the view that we're just in the 'embrace' phase with the 'extinguish' to follow.
Yes Tock looks really interesting... I wish somebody could port it to PineTime and show us how it really works. Because it's so different from everything else out there.

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