Article: Sneak Peek of PineTime Smart Watch… And why it’s perfect for teaching IoT
Hi PineTime Community: Here's my new article to get us hacking the PineTime faster... I'm happy to take any questions since this is very familiar ground to me... nRF52 on Visual Studio Code  Smile

Sneak Peek of PineTime Smart Watch… And why it’s perfect for teaching IoT

UPDATE: Pine64 has just sent me the Hynitron Touch Controller Reference Code. Very useful for coding the touch controller!

Other relevant articles:

My port of Mynewt OS and Rust to PineTime is based on an earlier nRF52 article...
Coding nRF52 with Rust and Apache Mynewt on Visual Studio Code

You can run Bluetooth Mesh on PineTime. The code should be similar to this article...
Bluetooth Mesh with nRF52 and Apache Mynewt

Is Visual Rust useful for PineTime? If you think so, I'll port it to PineTime...
Visual Embedded Rust Programming with Visual Studio Code

Check the rest of my articles on IoT, Embedded Rust, STM32 Blue Pill, Visual Studio Code, GD32 VF103 on RISC-V, ...

If the Medium paywall blocks you, use the free access links from my resume...

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