Suggested OS?
As I haven't worked too much with different OS's ... I guess I am looking for suggestions.
I have used Ubuntu for some time, both server/LAMP and desktop setups. All have been on x386 systems, however.  
I would like to use the PBP for a daily driver.  My uses are pretty light:
Firefox, Chromium, Libre Office, and likely an email client will do most of what I need.
The remainder is an image editor, which most paint programs and GIMP will be just fine.
So far, two items on my 'wanna-gotta have'' list are:

Working One from Wacom tablet
  I added drivers and apps from hits I found for the default OS, but so far, no go.
  It worked out of the box on Mangaro!

A decent remote desktop, where the host app can be easily installed by someone at the 'far' end, behind a firewall.  So ... VNC type apps would be difficult, as well as any that require port forwarding, etc, on their firewall (my Mom, sister, and grandkids!)
I have used AnyDesk and TeamViewer, traditionally, on my Win10 box. But I haven't been able to get either to work yet on the default OS (Debian/MATE) , or Manjaro (I have booting from SD.

I tried  OS on the SD card, and wasn't impressed, and think it would be too restrictive, anyway.

So, so far, I have just used the default OS, which I thought I was going to stick with, until the above 2 issues ... an RDP app, and getting the tablet to work ...... and Manjaro.

Any suggestions on OS/app combinations?  So far, Manjaro is slightly 'ahead', as the table works on it.  :-)

Dennis Hoshield
There were quite a few big driver updates for Wacom with one of the last kernel releases. Manjaro would work better for them by default like the rest of mainline kernel options.
The older kernel used by mrfixit's Debian build as well as ayufan's Ubuntu builds would need some more pain before you get the drawing tablet up-and-running.

Haven't checked for remote control thus far. There should be TeamViewer builds for armhf (default Debian, Ubuntu) out there but I haven't tried them. Not sure for Manjaro (where it has to be aarch64)

Device: Pinebook Pro 128GB No:246 / MainOS: Manjaro ARM
Godot and Flutter - creating something can be fun with the right tools!
Very good ..... I'll try TeamViewer on the Debian built again. Perhaps I missed something.
But, as the tablet is already working on Manjaro .... I'll look for a TV or AnyDesk aarch64 flavor.
Dennis Hoshield
I have tried Majaro and Ubuntu Mate on SD cards. Manjaro is not my style, but it ran with few problems. I am using Ubuntu Mate (Bionic Mate Community Build) and have found it to support more applications "out of the box" or by using the distribution package installer. I have installed Libre Office, Thunderbird and Vivaldi (my browser of choice) and they are all working well under Ubuntu. You might take a look at vinagre for a remote viewer, as it supports VNC RDP, and SSH. I am using it as my VNC viewer of choice.

I also found that experimenting with the CPU speed settings can make a world of difference in performance. Either the Interactive or Ondemand settings seem to be best when running from battery, but going to the Performance setting is great if you are on the charger. There is a noticeable delay when the others shift speed due to demand.

I am going to try and get Wireguard VPN working as I use that a lot while away from home. Ubuntu comes with kernel header files installed and that will be needed to get Wireguard installed. I can't find the header files for the default distribution. Wireguard is cross platform and might be a possible solution for secure remote access. I use it with family members on Mac, Win10, Linux, and Android phones.

Hope this helps.

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