Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
(03-28-2020, 01:32 AM)Dendrocalamus64 Wrote: "Association of COVID-19 Disease Severity with Transmission Routes and Suggested Changes to Community Guidelines"

Good paper, unless there are flawed assumptions that only a peer review would spot.  Maybe the vaccine, if there ever is one, should be inhaled.  Find an inhaler for pneumonia.  A disinfectant for the lungs..

As overworked as the health systems are now with this, think about how a very small percentage of the population is infected.  If 30% or 50% were infected we could be looking at the end of humanity.  We need to concentrate on stopping the spread, forget about going back to work, movies, sports, etc.

Or invent a more traceable form of quarantine, and realize we're going to spend appreciable parts of our lives in quarantine.  A factory or  college could quarantine together, and once the infections are dealt with continue to function normally.  As long as no infections from outside get in.  Think of a quarantine period as an airlock, it's very cumbersome to get through but once you're inside, assuming everyone else has been quarantined, you're fairly safe.

My 2 weeks ends Monday, no symptoms.

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