Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
(03-27-2020, 08:48 PM), KNERD Wrote: I think it is time to get serious about moving manufacturing to other countries:

Some movie theaters in China recently started to reopen after closing amid the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, but they didn't remain in operation for long.
Beijing's Film Bureau in a notice on Friday ordered all of China's movie theaters to once again close despite more than 600 cinemas previously getting the green light to reopen,.

This is a global problem, that I don't think will be solved by moving. If people are working in factories somewhere right now they are doing it in places where their coworkers may also be sick, and some of these places are more like sweatshops with little space. The virus spreads in small cramped spaces. I've been watching the news and basically health care providers were explaining that with their knowledge at this point in time, if the COVID-19 is anything like other corona virus strains, after a person recovers from infection they are temporarily immune but that immunity then subsides and one can get re-infected. This must be the reason why the re-closure of movie theatres, to avoid re-infecting people...a wise decision. It's not incorrect to say that China and South Korea have been the most aggressive in stopping the spread. There is no vaccine yet.

Shipping seems to be the main logistical consideration...waiting for the product to ship. Closure of borders. etc.

Even if I had to wait for my product I would wait until the pandemic has gotten under control, I cannot conscientiously choose a product I know that someone had made while dying of COVID-19, in any country.
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