Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
(03-16-2020, 05:18 AM)Luke Wrote: @tllim flew from US to HK and shipped everything that remained in the warehouse by himself ...
If you see him at the conference, I'd say buy him a beer.

This might be a dump question, but with the whole Covid-19 and protecting ourselves, was the PinePhone batch that tllim sent off all prepackaged and just needed posting - that everything inside the postage bag was pre-Covid-19, so should be fine to handle, and we only need to consider the shipping bag a "risk"? 

I imagine it's going to take over two weeks to get to me, and the virus may not even be present on the bag when leaving the Warehouse, but after all the hands it goes through to get to the destination it may then become a concern. So I am just curious, to be double sure, that the virus shouldn't be near the phone itself.

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