Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
(02-17-2020, 12:50 PM)mcbeeff Wrote: Then how am I seeing youtube unboxing videos of the pinebook pro? These are recent videos released a few weeks ago. LearnLinuxTV claims he received his rather fast as well. Do you guys prioritize people who make videos for the pro?

As an infrequent visitor to pine64, what Luke said was exactly when I thought when I read that comment. Just because the video was released recently (a few weeks ago), doesn't mean they were shot then. They could be older videos, or could be from a backlog of stuff. I know more than a few review / postbag Youtubers who have stuff they'd had for six months or more, and have only just 'reviewed' them recently.

There are the exclusive developer-only batches - warts and all - (you do want the hardware to have *some* functionality before you get it, don't you? :-P), but after that it's pretty much first in best dressed... What has happened in the past is that we might suggest that a couple units be sent to specific reviewers who've being begging for unit to review... so if that happens to be before a production run starts but before it's open for pre-orders, they may go to the head of the queue, but that's the extent of that, and would only be a handful of units.

Given the fact a lot of the smaller factories in China were still shut three days ago, and it looks like February 24 might be the new date at which the wheels start turning again (when the latest 14-day quarantine on component suppliers ends)... bumpy times are ahead for that cheap tech fix China provides us all. I've noticed a delay in stuff being shipped from some suppliers, and quite a few others out of stuck, or down to 10s of items, instead of 1000s.

In other words, keep calm, be patient, and hopefully things will be on track again soon!

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