Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
Coronavirus restrictions in Guangdong province 

The Guangdong province, where cities of GuangZhou and Shenzhen are located, has today issued a restrictive order delaying businesses from resuming activity until 10 February 2020. This is done in an attempt to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. This date may, and likely will, be further extended. For those who don't know, this is the region where PINE64 gear is produced.

Furthermore, Hong Kong - where popular PINE64 devices* featuring Lithium Ion batteries, are shipped from - has now also imposed limitations on border crossings.
[edit 03/02/2020] Hong Kong authorities announced they'll be closing all major boarder crossings from China until further notice.

What does this mean for you?

Production and shipment delays seem unavoidable at this time. The length of the delay will, of course, depend on how quickly authorities are capable of tackling the virus. There is no saying at this point if we are talking days or weeks - no one can predict how the situation will pan out.

If you wish to discuss the outbreak, its severity, how the government is handling the situation or any other aspects pertaining to the epidemic, then this isn't the right place to do so - I redirect you to the WHO discussion forums where such a conversation is more appropriate.

I'll update this post on a need-be basis.

*the Pinebook, PinePhone and Pinebook Pro all ship out from Hong Kong.
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