Need some help on powering 16 PINEs
(05-02-2016, 01:32 PM)pineresearch Wrote: [Image: 8YGtF4Q.png]
[Image: cIgnRah.png]

Now keep in mind I'll be buying some high quality terminals, but does this overall look right?
Edit: By the way thanks to everyone for being helpful. +rep to all of you.

I hopefully won't ask silly questions like this once I get it running. Software is my strong side.
As longsleep says, u can save money using an old psu... Mine gives 36A on the 5volt rail, and it does all the work itself. U can find a lot of tutorials on how to do it...
[Image: a5721061bbfd782e323c6d36f92d9a17.jpg][Image: 716018fc084c7d7329244cff0a8474a9.jpg]

Anyways, your photo looks like your connections are all right... Only adjust your voltage before connecting anything and bear in mind that after connecting the pines, voltage is going to be recalibrated again, as it is going to drop due to amperage...

(05-02-2016, 12:06 PM)longsleep Wrote: Use an ATX PSU of your choice, grab the 5V from there and a single one can power all your 16 Pines perfectly fine. You will have to create a power lane plate for this though. There are many examples for this around - eg

The PSU should handle that much, but remember that the individual power connectors aren't rated that high, so either remove them completely or use multiple. The other advantage to using an ATX PSU is that, if your ethernet switch is one of the 12v varieties, you can wire it up to the same source.
So the V- gets connected to the ground?  Wouldn't that short the negative voltage to ground and possibly cause a negative ground plane variance which could make the voltage going to the Pines be +5 -5 ie 10v?

Is that OK?

My son fried my $250 Digital/Analog Trainer that way (+5 to -12, the Trainer was rated for 15v) and it was a pain to fix...well...not that hard other than sourcing components, desoldering, resoldering and testing 5 PSU circuits (+12, -12, +5, -5, variable +; the low noise ground somehow survived...).

No! Do not connect any of the negative volt pins. Use any of the ground pins for ground.

Be careful, most ATX psus do not have -5v anymore as it was used for Isa bus which is long dead, but -12v is still there.

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