FIX: Little or no lcd backlight
Just got my PBP! I love it, it's sleek as hell and a bajillion times lighter than my old HP.

One problem though: it decided to lose its backlight. I could just barely make out the shapes on the screen, but it was far from usable until I started looking around and found an interesting file: /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight/bl_power

This might not work for you, but it did help me:

echo "0" > /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight/bl_power

All's well that ends well


The problem came back after a couple of reboots. I guess having the lcd controller offline for a while might reset it? Anyway, my fix is simple:

open the crontab for root user:
sudo crontab -e

add the following line to the file:
echo "24" > /sys/class/backlight/edp-backlight/brightness

this sets the brightness to 24 (out of 255 because 2^8=256) on every boot. You can replace 24 with any value between 0 and 255 (although I would not recommend 0)

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