Pinebook Pro Open Arena Tournament (Saturday /Sunday fun anyone?)
(Yesterday, 04:18 PM)Luke Wrote:
(Yesterday, 04:17 PM)astr0baby Wrote:
(Yesterday, 10:59 AM)hackerfantastic Wrote:
(01-16-2020, 03:38 PM)Luke Wrote: Here is a script for mainline + panfrost images:
Thanks @MartijnBraam

Thanks! I actually got this working with the help of astr0baby, from a clean build of Manjaro run the following, first install Panfrost drivers:

Quote:sudo pacman -S mesa-git qt5-es2-base qt5-es2-declarative qt5-es2-multimedia mesa-demos
sudo pacman -R xf86-video-fbturbo

After a reboot you should be able to see that it's using panfrost using "es2_info" command. I am using AUR packages and "yay" package manager which you should setup, you can then install the openarena dependancy. Alternatively you can compile this from github if you prefer not to use AUR

Quote:yay -S libxmp-git

You can now download the openarena engine ready for compiling using "git clone" - you need to apply a single patch to the file "code/qcommon/q_platform.h" - there is a large define elif block in the header for all supported architecture, just simply add a line like below around line 218 in that block to add aarch64 support.
Quote:#elif defined __aarch64__
#define ARCH_STRING "aarch64"

Now you can "make" the openarena engine and you should produce a "build" directory that has "openarena.aarch64" binary amongst other files. You still need the core OS pk3 files, so get them from as a zip file, unpack the zip file and move the pk3 files into your compiled openarena engine under "baseoa" directory.

that's it! you are ready to frag the night away. I played it for a few hours late last night and honestly I do not see any performance difference when compared to higher end machines, I was able to run with high resolution, got a steady FPS, the WiFi enabled me to play multiplayer and I got into a few multiplayer games - having no issues with lag or latency, fragging away to my hearts content. You may need to install a few packages like "make" and "gcc" etc if your booting from a completely clean Manjaro (I already had those installed) but once you get past the slight curve of compiling it really is quite impressive. I recommend playing with an external mouse unless you want to die against everyone online as the trackpad is very difficult to aim with.

Yes it works amazingly well on the highest details on the Pinebookpro Smile     Just got fragged by HackerFantastic in the Pine64 arena !

Playing on our server or?

[edit] regardless, I'll need to try on Manjaro and see for myself how well it runs on the Panfrost driver Smile
Thank you for posting!
Yes we threw in a short match on
Port: 22222 

P.S USB Mouse is a must for this ... no way of playing with the trackpad Wink
Mines supposed to be coming in soon, I like this idea of internet gaming events, hoping to join you all soon!
I'll be joining today evening (EU time) - but you can join in anytime Smile
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

We were able to compile OpenArena with the help of martijn's APKBUILD for aarch64 PinebookPro.

Download the pkg file from Here.

Install the pkg.
sudo pacman -U openarena-0.8.8-0-aarch64.pkg.tar.xz

Copy Game Date to Home Local directory, So you don't have to run with sudo. Thanks to morrolinux
sudo cp -rf /usr/share/games/openarena/baseoa/ ~/.local/share/OpenArena/

Run game using this command.

If it have issue with permission then just update the permission
sudo chmod 755 /usr/share/games/openarena/openarena.aarch64

Let me know if there is any issue. Also this will only work with Panfrost Driver. 
If you're on fbturbo then you will have to switch to Panfrost, Please follow this link on how to switch to Panfrost on PBP.

[How To] Enable Hardware Acceleration on Panfrost and Lima devices
Cool! but why does it need root permissions to run?

Game content is being placed in /usr/share/games/openarena/baseoa/
You just needed to copy/move /usr/share/games/openarena/baseoa/ to your home in ~/.local/share/OpenArena/baseoa to run it without sudo

Cheers Smile
(4 hours ago)morrolinux Wrote: Cool! but why does it need root permissions to run?

Game content is being placed in /usr/share/games/openarena/baseoa/
You just needed to copy/move  /usr/share/games/openarena/baseoa/ to your home in ~/.local/share/OpenArena/baseoa to run it without sudo

Cheers Smile

The default permissions of /usr/share/games/openarena/baseoa is a bit stupid, it can't be read by the normal user. needs to be fixed in the package and then you don't have to copy it.

I also uploaded my aarch64 musl build (for alpine, but can be untarred on other distros) for openarena here:

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