Easily setting up Minecraft through MultiMC
So I've been messing around with MultiMC for a bit on the PBP trying to set it up to use the ARM builds of the needed native libraries so the game would run, and I've found a pretty good way to do it that doesn't really require any manual setup and written a script to set it all up for you for a MultiMC instance.
I've only tested the script on Manjaro, but it should work fine on other distros and on a 32-bit userland. I don't know if the game will run with the binary Mali drivers as I've only tried using panfrost though. This setup only supports Minecraft 1.13 and newer, older versions use LWJGL 2 instead of 3 which will require a different setup.

Here's how to set it up:

  1. Install MultiMC (AUR), you'll have to compile it from source since they don't provide ARM binaries. Here are their build instructions for Linux.
  2. Make sure you have a Java runtime installed, they recommend Java 8 but newer versions also seem to work.
    Debian: apt install openjdk-11-jreManjaro: pacman -S jre-openjdk
  3. Open MultiMC, pick your preferred settings and select your Java installation.
  4. When MultiMC is set up, add a new instance with the version of Minecraft you want to play
  5. Download my script and place it in some directory, remember to mark it as executable.
  6. Open a terminal in the directory containing the script and run it with the name of the instance you created earlier as parameter.
  7. If everything goes right, you should now be able to start the instance in MultiMC and play Minecraft!
What the script does is to reconfigure the MultiMC instance to use a custom LWJGL version, it then fetches the checksums and file sizes for the libraries from the maven repository to generate a JSON file describing the libraries to be used by MultiMC. The libraries that will be used are the official builds from LWJGL that were published to maven.

Hope this can be useful to some of you here, happy crafting! Smile
I made some improvements to the script, mostly just to handle fancy characters like spaces in profile names and to warn and back off if user tries to use LWJGL2 etc: https://gitlab.com/snippets/1933165

I can confirm that binary drivers do not work with Minecraft, btw. Panfrost does work, but isn't the fastest. In case anyone else needs instructions on how to set them up, check out this page, and be aware that they're experimental. I personally returned back to binary drivers after trying out Minecraft.

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