Looking to commission a new Chromium build
another post, sorry

if it's it's own post with "bounty" in the title, then people are gonna be drawn to claim it, and we can hopefully get our fully functional chromiumos quickly Smile
No worries, thanks for clarifying!

Yea we can do that, and I can set it as an announcement for this forum to help its visibility.

Do you have any copy suggestions for the post? (Aside from the specific inclusion of bounty.) Let me know of any suggestions of what we should be sure to have in the post, and I’ll include them. If no one has any suggestions, I'll just repost this OP and edit copy as needed to specifically included the use of a bounty.
I'm working on this. Right now, I have successfully built the image from ayufan's repos. However, widevine support got lost on the way. I will try to update the u-boot to allow for sd-boot (this has not yet been fixed in ayufan's repo), next I will try to update the kernel to match the one from the default Debian build.

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